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About us

Do we have excellent office space? Sure. Do we have amazing talents and companies? Yes. But does it all work? You know it!

A Grid is the stable for future unicorns located right in the heart of innovation within Finland. The reason A Grid works is because we believe in the talents of our companies and we only aim to help support and facilitate the magic of the community.

Aalto University has some of the most amazing industry meets academia collaboration, startup growth organizations, spinoff companies and much, much more stemming from areas of expertise.

A Grid works because of community. Let’s face it, we are all just a little bit ….unique to be living up here in the cold. But we have adapted to work hard in the winter and play hard in between! We do all of this together and with passion for who we are and trying to make our mark on this world.

We don’t believe in benchmarks because we trust who we are and what we have  – we believe in our uniqueness (please see unicorn(s) as evidence)

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  • 25,000m2
  • Creative businesses
  • Maker's spaces
  • 100+ startups
  • Kitchens + café
  • Open work space
  • Accelerators
  • Restaurant + bar
  • Thematic coworking venues


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