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A Grid is set up to be able to cater for practically any event of different shapes and sizes. We have had events of 400 people, but if the occasion requires, we can cater for more. Our lobby space and event venue Mordor have so far hosted hundreds of events in each calendar year, and as you might guess from the name, it isn’t your regular conference space!

Our Facility Sales team will help you find the right space for your special event.

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Who wouldn’t want to host an event in Mordor? The heart of A Grid, located next to the main lobby. For large-scale events, you can also utilize Little Mordor and the lobby area (and get to enjoy Boris the Bunny as a bonus!).

  • 420 m²
  • Fits 75 people (Mordor 50, Little Mordor 25)
  • Seminars, parties, workshops, fairs… Your imagination is the limit!
  • Technical specs: 3 x 65” LCD screens, 2 wireless microphones, dimmable lights, AV output, speakers


The auditorium on our second floor offers comfortable seating for up to 270 people. This is probably our most serious space, a souvenir from when the building was used by the School of Electrical Engineering.

  • 340 m²
  • Fits 270 people
  • Seminars, conferences, presentations, lectures
  • Technical specs: projector & silver screen, 2 blackboards, wireless microphone, wireless headset, AV output, dimmable lights


How about a meeting in Uranus or a workshop in Yoda?

You can also come to A Grid for an inspiring meeting or workshop. We have 19 meeting rooms and 5 flexible and large workshop spaces, all equipped to tingle your brain cells in the most stimulating ways.