A Grid team, 14.9.2022

Factory Self-service Café is now open!

Counter of a self-service cafe

Factory Otaniemi have opened a Self-service Café at A Grid. The café is located opposite the reception, at the entrance of A Grid startup hub, Otakaari 5. 

The Factory Self-service Café serves you fresh coffee, beverages, small snacks, sandwiches, smoothies and some goodies according to the opening hours of A Grid. The products are available on the café table and on the cold display. You choose the product you want from the counter and pay the purchase by Mobile Pay.  
Here are some examples of the products: coffee or tea (2 €), Novelle citronelle (3,50€), Pepsi Max (3,50€), Froosh Smoothie (2,90€), sandwich (5,90€) and Fazer chocolate bar (1,70€). 

Factory staff welcomes you to Self-service Cafe! 


Further information: 

Factory Otaniemi 
Otakaari 5 
02150, Espoo 
010 2053 215