Unique auditorium office space

A magnificent open-plan office built in the auditorium with high ceiling height and outstanding original details.  The open-plan office space (128 m2) has three levels. The space is perfect for creative and inspirational work environment. Acoustics is soft despite the large space – on the floor there is a combustible mat and on the walls there are acoustics boards. Small conference room situated at the back of the room. On the 3rd floor there is a 12.50 m2 balcony and storage complex. There is no elevator.  There are shared toilet facilities located just around the corner and the shared well equipped kitchen is in the nearest start-up wing.

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Contact A Grid’s Community Manager Leigh (leigh.ewin@aalto.fi)
or Leasing Manager Sini (sini.seppala@aalto.fi) and Come on site to see this gorgeous space!