A Grid team, 8.5.2019

Parking in Otakaari 5 will become subject to a charge

The parking lots surrounding the startup hub A Grid will become subject to a charge from June 14th 2019. The change is part of a parking reform concerning the whole campus, in which free parking lots are changed to become subject to a charge.

In the future, the parking will be arranged via EasyPark and ParkMan mobile applications. With the apps, paying short time parking is effortless, and you can purchase an affordable monthly parking permit.

Prices of parking:

  • Hourly parking 1€/h
  • Monthly permit 30€/month

A mobile parking service fee will be added to the price of parking (read more easypark.fi and parkman.fi).

Short time parking with EasyPark app

Download EasyPark app from App Store or Google Play Store. Register with your phone number, add a payment method and the register plate number.

Start parking either by locating yourself on the map or by using area codes:

  • A Grid A Sähkömiehenpolku = area code 540
  • A Grid B Otakaari 5 = area code 541
  • A Grid C Otakaari 7 = area code 542

Check the area code from the signs on the parking areas. You can also pay the parking by calling a telephone service at the number 0600 415 500 (0.16€ / call  + mpm).

Otakaari 5 parking lots

Short time parking with ParkMan app

You can also pay the parking with the ParkMan app. Find the ParkMan app from your phone’s app store and follow the steps to complete the sign-up by adding your personal information and credit card details for billing.

When you are in your desired parking location, the app will locate you with GPS. You can manually adjust the location if needed. Tap “Park here.” You will then be asked to choose the parking duration and vehicle.

When you return to your car, open the app and tap “Stop parking.” The running payment has ended when a receipt of the parking appears on your screen.

Monthly parking permit

You can purchase a long term parking permit from the EasyPark app. A 30 day parking permit costs 30 euros. EasyPark service fee will be added to the permit cost according to the customer’s pricing package. The long term parking permit is valid on all three areas (540, 541 & 542) even though it is bought for one specific area code.

Guidance to buy the permit:

  1. Insert area code 540, 541 or 542
  2. Choose long term parking
  3. Choose the duration of the permit
  4. Buy the permit

Purchasing the long term parking permit

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