A Grid team, 2.4.2019

Omnia Makerspace Opening 11th April

The Makerspace will open in A Grid on Thursday 11th April at Otakaari 5, Espoo. You are warmly welcome to set this open, tech-loaded collaborative space in motion!

The Makerspace serves A Grid startups and Omnia, and in particular the joint projects of the startups and Omnia education. Omnia acts as part of the Business Espoo network in A Grid.

The event is aimed at companies in the region, working life networks and education developers.

The main language of the event is Finnish.

Please sign up here: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Makers_Space_avajaiset_4426

Free lunch for registered participants!


The opening will commence in the Mordor auditorium with greetings and a speech by MP Jyrki Kasvi. After that, you will meet actors of new technology and learning in the Makerspace.

Get to know the technology and see e.g. how a drone is programmed to dodge people. The panel will discuss which parts of our work will be taken over by robots and when. The European IV4J project presents innovations in vocational education and training.

8.30-9.00 Coffee/tea

9.00-10.00 Welcome (Mordor auditorium)
Sampo Suihko, Director, Omnia
Antti Tuomela, Managing Director, ACRE
Jyrki Kasvi, MP

10.00-10.15 Refill cup and moving to the Makerspace

10.15-10.30 Startup intro, Makerspace Expo
Lauri Hollo, Start North

10.30-16.00 Makerspace Expo: startups and Omnia digital learning developers
– 13.30-14.15 Panel discussion: Will Robots Take My Job?
– 14.15-14.30 Fruits and refreshments

16.00 Event ends

Feel free to take part according to your own schedule.