A Grid team, 31.3.2021

Ohjelmistoja.fi is creating an international marketplace for SaaS products

One of A Grid’s new arrivals, ohjelmistoja.fi, is building a marketplace for SaaS products and their vision is to make it global.

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Ohjelmistoja.fi arrived in one of A Grid’s fully renovated startup wings, just above Restaurant Factory, in February 2021. In the startup wings, companies have their own offices, but they share kitchen and lounge spaces with other like-minded startups. The object is to do physically what ohjelmistoja.fi is doing virtually – providing a platform to bring companies together for joint benefit.

Ohjelmistoja.fi is Finland’s leading independent reseller of SaaS (Software as a Service) software. They represent more than 50 Finnish and international SaaS providers and lease business software to companies through one point with a monthly fee. The partner inventory includes global rising-star SaaS like Pipedrive, Freshdesk and ActiveCampaign, as well as the best from Finland, such as SalesFrame, Profinder, Nexetic and LiquidBlox.

The ohjelmistoja.fi marketplace has a little something for everyone. For new entrepreneurs, they offer a basic software package to kickstart business free of charge. More established companies can utilize curated software packages or pick and choose software that best supports their business and streamlines operations, with one invoice and zero credit card hassle. Software support is also included. SaaS companies, on the other hand, can become partners and have their products featured and sold on the platform.

Sounds pretty good, right? The company’s mentality is what A Grid is ultimately all about: “Our goals are high and we are looking for employees who want to go from where the fence is highest – or at least try it.

Co-Founder and CEO Kaj Seeste is enthusiastic about the future. He says: “The company is on a fast growth path. The revenue in the second year (2020) was almost half million euros and the estimate for this year is close to 2 million. Our vision is to be the world’s largest software marketplace.


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