A Grid team, 1.11.2021

New community spaces The Burrow and Health Corner launched in A Grid

A Grid Health Corner

The exercise space Health Corner in The Burrow. Image: Martin Sommerschield / Aalto University.

The Northern C wing on the first floor of A Grid has been renovated to serve the whole A Grid community. Access to the common spaces will be added on all A Grid member access tokens on Tuesday, 2 November 2021.

The wing, formerly used by UNTIL, has been renamed The Burrow. Harry Potter fans might appreciate the nod towards the Weasley family home, while others might view it as the home of A Grid mascot Boris the Bunny. In any case, the newly improved wing serves as a lounge and meeting point for the whole A Grid community.

The Burrow consists of the common lounge and kitchen area at the front of the wing, office spaces, and a new exercise space, Health Corner, located at the back of the wing. The Health Corner serves all A Grid members as a place of health and wellbeing. You can pop in to take a moment for yourself during the workday or start or end your day with a workout. Why not ask your colleagues or other A Gridians to join!

The Health Corner provides opportunities for many kinds of activities. It features, for example, air yoga hammocks, yoga mats, dumbbells and kettlebells, an adjustable gym bench and a pull-up bar. Instructions for using Health Corner have been added to the space. Minor improvements to the space will be made during November.

Health Corner will be inaugurated in the A Grid Wellbeing Mixer on 2 November with yoga and breathwork sessions taking place in the morning and afternoon.

The Burrow common lounge

The common lounge in The Burrow. Image: Martin Sommerschield / Aalto University.

The Burrow location on floor map

The Burrow is located in the CN wing on the first floor of A Grid.