Looking for new office space and inspiring community?

A Grid offers private office space and a direct path to Aalto University and Otaniemi networks, services, research infrastructure and expertise. In addition to private office space, you also get to enjoy joint common areas, such as kitchens, lounges and other spaces where entrepreneurs and startups can hang out and get to know each other or simply relax and chill in between making the next big deal!


Start-ups and technology-oriented businesses, A Grid is for you!

A Grid is the perfect place, for example, for a technology-oriented company that has collaborations with Aalto University or startups/small businesses, or for companies that offer startup services or programs. Larger companies specialising in certain R&D activities related to Aalto University research can also work at A Grid. The premises in A Grid are well suited for incubator and accelerator operators.

Office Space with 5 rooms in 3rd Floor
An office complex with five rooms and own entrance in 3rd floor.
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Book a visit!

Our Community Manager Leigh or Leasing Manager Sini will tell you everything about the building, companies and people – and of course about the office spaces!  Tour in the premises are usually the best way to experience A Grid as the building is vast and it is easier to feel the innovation and creativity when walking through the many creative spaces and beautifully constructed working areas.  

Please contact us at agrid@aalto.fi , leigh.ewin@aalto.fi or sini.seppala@aalto.fi