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KRUT helps researchers and companies show the facts

KRUT founders Måns Eklund and Julius Uusikylä

KRUT founders Måns Eklund and Julius Uusikylä. Image: Malin Wikström / KRUT Collective.

KRUT Collective, an A Grid based information design company, wants to help startups and other companies to show, not tell.

KRUT Collective is run by two co-founders, Måns Eklund and Julius Uusikylä, who moved into the recently renovated startup wing in A Grid startup hub a year ago, in November 2020. Although not a traditional startup with a scalable product, the boutique consulting agency was founded in 2018 and is looking to grow by helping companies with fact-based visualisations and various graphic design assignments.

We are an information design company. In a sense, we do graphic design but focus especially on making facts understandable and enjoyable”, explains Uusikylä.

The two founders have a background in news graphics and journalism. They have always told stories and presented things in a visual way. After a while, the idea to do these tasks for others was formed, and with it, KRUT Collective was born. The word collective in the name refers to the network of experts they involve in their projects, such as designers, journalists and communication experts.

Show, don’t tell. We have a passion for clear communication with beautiful and truthful visuals. We work hard to maintain a combination of good taste, efficient production and most importantly, understanding what is visualised and why”, is how KRUT describe their work.

Support for other A Gridians

KRUT’s goal is to support A Grid startups and other companies in their visual needs. An ideal case might be, for example, helping a research-based company explain their product visually, presenting research findings in an understandable way or showing data of a product in a visually enjoyable form.

Any company in A Grid could benefit from our services. Many companies have a lot to tell in a visual form. An external consultant can help in finding the most important facts and seeing how data should be explained to an outside viewer”, says Uusikylä.

He concludes: “We are glad to be located in A Grid, it feels like a place that suits us very well. We are here to support other startups and welcome anyone to come and knock on our door or contact us freely for example via Slack. You can come to us with anything visual!


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KRUT is located on the 3rd floor of I wing in A Grid