A Grid isn´t about having bricks and mortar – although we have beautiful spaces, the spirit of A Grid lies in the member companies and the community they create. With nearly 150 member companies, we have a high density of founders and CEOs, who operate in an open and sharing manner. This means we can work together to create new solutions for the future and accelerate the wisdom and growth within the community. It also helps that we have the perfect locations, such as main stage, event spaces, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounges, wellness facilities and makerspaces for those interactions to take place.

In A Grid we believe in the talents of our companies and our aim is to help support and facilitate the magic of the community. Individuals within the A Grid community have a voice and can suggest almost anything, and the A Grid team aims to implement those ideas based on the needs of the startups.

Our friends & family

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Abdentus – smart cemetery
Addcomposites – Manufacturing for Lightweight Structural Components
Alberga Brewing Company