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Learning@Aalto Challenge

Are you interested in shaping the future of learning? The Learning@Aalto Challenge is open for all Aalto people who feel enthusiastic about solving puzzles related to developing the future of education and learning. The event starts with a joint lunch and the programme continues with a keynote panel, a hackathon-type challenge, networking and music. The event is organized together by the four strategic initatives in the field of learning: Aalto Online Learning (A!OLE), Learning Challenge Aalto, Success of Students (AllWell?), and Programme Attractiveness.

A hackathon-type challenge, what is that?

The new hero is not the individual but the team. We want to involve the whole Aalto community in educational development to establish new practices and to tackle the challenges of the future. The purpose of the event is to bring together members of the Aalto community – teachers, professors, students, researchers, service personnel, everyone. The participants will be divided into teams that get to develop new ideas and solve challenges on the basis of materials provided by the joint strategic initiatives. We hope that this event will be a starting point for a dialogue.

The Learning@Aalto Challenge is part of the Aalto Festival programme and the language of the event is English. Please register for the event by 14 May 2018 at the latest. The number of participants is limited to one hundred. Welcome!


Time: Wed 23.5.2018 at 11–16
Place: A Grid, Otakaari 5
Registration form: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/7F77522C24CFFF6C.par


11.00 Lunch
12.00 Opening & keynote panel
12.45 Challenge
14.30 Wrap-up
15.15 Live music, refreshments & networking

Welcome to A Grid already before the event to visit a poster exhibition that presents posters from the national Tyyli initiative (improving the students’ working-life capabilities) as well as posters from Aalto University’s pedagogical training course Supervision of Master’s thesis in English. You can visit the poster exhibition at 9-11 or during the lunch or other breaks during the Learning@Aalto Challenge event.


Wednesday, 23 May 11:00-16:00