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About us

A Grid is a startup hub and one of Europe’s largest centers for growth companies. As part of the Aalto University campus we work as a gateway to the university’s international network of resources, talented students and cutting-edge research and resources. We also serve as a vibrant space for entrepreneurial expertise, services and events. A Grid houses all kinds of startups, accelerators, such as the European Space Agency and Aalto Start-Up Center, as well as partners and established companies, like Fortum.

Get a head start with the Aalto ecosystem

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community where science and art meet technology and business.

The university has six schools with nearly 18,000 students and 4,000 employees. A Grid is part of Aalto’s ecosystem for entrepreneurs, rated by MIT among the top five rising stars globally.

Our diverse ecosystem consists of student-led and university-run entrepreneurial activities, plus all kinds of partners, researchers and established companies on site. We have a strong network to support startup growth, including Design Factory, Aalto Start-Up Center, Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, Startup Sauna and Slush.

Access to talent and facilities

A Grid is a gateway to Aalto University’s talent base and resources. The university’s main campus is rapidly developing into a vibrant innovation hub with plenty of partnership opportunities and a highly skilled workforce.

Aalto University has significant research infrastructure open for everyone. It includes world-class research facilities for micro- and nanotechnology, neuroimaging, and bioeconomy. There are also excellent resources for computational research, radio astronomy and space research. In addition, Aalto Studios facilitate film and TV, games and animation, VR/AR, product- and user experience testing, sensor data-analysis and fast prototyping.

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